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Iata – Airlines Financial Monitor, October 2013

Iata – Airlines Financial Monitor, October 2013


A Iata apresentou seu boletim financeiro de outubro de 2013, em inglês, com informações importantes resumidas abaixo, e também, através de um documento anexo a esta noticia.

  • Worldwide airline shares rose 5% in October, slightly outperforming the market as jet fuel prices stabilized;
  • US airline shares continue to rise strongly on better financial performance, the opposite is true for Asia Pacific;
  • Initial Q3 financial results suggest continued improvement, dominated by airlines in North America;
  • Jet fuel prices were stable in October, as rising Saudi crude oil production offset upward price pressures from supply disruptions and growing demand;
  • Air transport volumes moderated in September compared to August, but air travel growth remains solid compared to a year ago and air freight demand indicators suggest scope for improvement ahead;
  • Capacity growth stabilized in October as new aircraft deliveries and net storage activity remained unchanged;
  • Passenger load factors slipped on international markets, but air freight loads showed some improvement from the moderation in capacity growth, although levels are still low and down on a year ago;
  • Passenger yields are up on a year ago in the US but show weakness globally due to declines in Asia Pacific.



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